Environmental Awareness and Safety


All of ERACO Air Conditioning & Industrial Applications employees are in charge of social and environmental responsibilites; stick to the enviroment, occupational health and safety laws.

For this aim;

  • Focusing to reduce the consuming of Raw materials, energy, and water usage. Economic and efficient use of all sources.
  • Stimulate to protect the environment and human healt, follow the occupational health and safety laws rules and to be participate the events
  • All refrigerants used by ERACO comply to the Kyoto and Montreal Protocols. R407C, R134A, R404A and R410A are the refrigerants that ERACO use in the cooling units that offers DPO=0 ( Ozone Destruction Potential =0 )
  • High “Coefficient of Performance” “COP” and “European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio “ “ESEER“ values energy-efficient products.