ER.FCF Series Flat Type Dry-Coolers

High performance Free Coolers

Free Coolers ( Dry Coolers ) are used to cool down the cycling fluid by the ambient air condition. High performance Free Coolers are manufactured with copper tubes and corrugated aluminum fins which improve heat transfer coefficient and they are available for vertical and horizontal airflow. Being manufacturing with 1/2″ or 5/8” copper tubes, Flat type Dry-Coolers are available with a capacity range of 88 kW to 1175 kW; also available to produce in special design and different conditions.

Free Coolers has a suitable structure for parallel connection; thus the cooling plants could be comfortably increased by connecting capacity using with ER.FCF series Free Coolers.

* Flat type design.
* Structures are galvanized steel painted with polyester based electrostatically powder; to avoid corrosion and UV ray effect.
* Each two fans are separated by internal baffle plates from other each chamber to avoid energy loss causing by reverse fan rotation.
* Each fan chamber has own maintenance covers.
* Tested at 20 bar pressure.
* Suitable for outdoor installation; motor protection IP 54.
* Suitable to work up to +60°C ambient temperature.
* Guaranteed to long-lasting life due to high corrosion resistant materials.
* Totally closed loop circuits prevent fouling and calcification.
* Automatic air and water discharge valve ( standard ).
* Microprocessor controls the fan rotation in terms of stepwise control according to the ambient temperature and set water temperature.
* Automatic water mistspraying systems provide adiabatic cooling affect which allows pulverizing the water on to the fresh air before entering to heat exchanger. System decreases the entering air temperature adducted to the wet bulb temperature.
* Units are equipped with error codes and visually alarm system leading by microprocessor.
ModelCooling Capacity
Kompressor QuantityAbsorbed Power
ER.FCF 908811,82400x1430x1415
ER.FCF 15515423,63450x1430x1415
ER.FCF 23022635,44850x1430x1415
ER.FCF 30029247,23650x2360x1415
ER.FCF 435435610,85250x2360x1415
ER.FCF 585584814,46650x2360x1415
ER.FCF 74073910188150x2360x1415
ER.FCF 8808761221,69150x2360x1415
ER.FCF 102510221425,210450x2360x1415
ER.FCF 118011751628,811850x2360x1415
  • RC

    | Remote control panel

  • AV

    | Audible and Visual alarm

  • SHR

    | Serial heat recovery

  • PHR

    | Parallel heat recovery

  • FIC

    | Fan speed control ( VFD inverter control )

  • CIC

    | Compressor inverter control

  • SFV

    | Special frequency and voltage design ( 460V – 60 Hz )

  • BP

    | Manual or automatic by-pass

  • AWF

    | Automatic water filling kit

  • RS-485

    | Serial communication based on RS-485 Modbus protocol

  • IND-Screen

    | IND-Screen communication and remote control via web bases.

  • WP

    | Stand-by water pump

  • RAL

    | Special RAL Code painting

  • EEV

    | Electronic expansion valve

  • AF

    | Anti-Freeze kit

  • EH

    | Evaporator heater

  • SS

    | Soft starter

  • ABS

    | Rubber shock absorber

  • LN

    | Low noise dB(A) level

  • CC-0

    | Condensing control for 0°C ambient temperature.

  • CC-20

    | Condensing control for -20°C ambient temperature.

  • CF

    | Centrifugal fan